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The new option of irrigation works construction, new-style 952A annulus type for
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952A annulus type fork-lift truck is the new generation that Zhengzhou eaves connects the limited company that weigh labour to produce annulus type fork-lift truck. This machine is in order to assemble and unassemble a kind when the bulk stock such as soil, arenaceous stone, coal gives priority to larger, of multipurpose with efficient project mechanism, apply to field of irrigation works, mine, road to build wait for exercise, replaceable bulldozer clears working surface, still can undertake stone's throw carries stock, rise to wait for auxiliary exercise again, because this also applies to the place such as factory, station, dock, storehouse.

952A annulus the advantage that type fork-lift truck drew lessons from the advanced type such as card spy CAT966G, overcome fork-lift truck of homebred ZL series the blemish of overall design, relatively before type, there is bigger breakthrough on integral exterior modelling, give a person a kind of sense that find everything new and fresh. Main performance data: Bucket capacity 3. 1m3, rated loading capacity 5t.

This machine is overall distribution is equitable, join with a hinge nods the midpoint of cloth park wheelbase, improved the service life of tire greatly. Equipment optimization is designed, the thin rocking arm that chooses international popularity, short pull rod, " Z " form four-bar mechanism, satisfying the premise that uninstalls height, discharge distance to fall, ability of the dig up force of this machine, promotion reachs 3 to mix wait for performance data to exceed JB / T3688 far. 1 - the requirement of 96 standards, have lean link stopper and put smooth function automatically. Simplified around frame structure, frame uses veneer after " T " form bridge construction, reduce profiling and irregular welding line, dependability rises greatly.

Frame of the microscope of discharge of coaxial of complete hydraulic pressure that uses advanced, right on the money, join with a hinge turns to a system, the structure is decorated simple, driver operation is light, smooth. System of equipment hydraulic pressure, the dependability of pump got rising relatively. Braking system all uses oily pincers of single pipeline, gas cap dish means of apply the brake, rear wheel uses two brake before, apply the brake is reliable, and distance of apply the brake is short. Dynamical system has a variety of configuration to offer user alternative, versatility is particularly strong. Cab eye shot is open, configuration changes in temperature does not have air conditioning of fluorine environmental protection, damping connection reduced vibration and jolt. Electrical system increased fuel oil capacity to show plan, can know fuel state at any time, add electronic-controlled the auxiliary function such as flameout, assure the comfortable sex of safety of drive a vehicle and operation.

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