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Of electromagnetism flowmeter choose
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1. Structure and accuracy class

The structure of electromagnetism flowmeter and accuracy class should be chosen according to real need.

Spin general chemical industry, metallurgy, gently, the industry such as water supply and sewage disposal, choose more general-purpose electromagnetism flowmeter; Use at having the place of volatile atmosphere, should choose flowmeter of explosion proof electromagnetism; Use at the industry such as food, medicine and seriation, should choose sanitation electromagnetism flowmeter; When with Yu Mingqu discharge is measured or discharge of culvert of blame full canal is measured, should choose flowmeter of phreatic water electromagnetism; If be used at be not full canal to close the discharge of conduit, still can choose flowmeter of electromagnetism of blame full canal. Accuracy class should the basis needs reasonable choose. Flowmeter of electromagnetism of a few high accuracy, its intrinsic error is 1%R of ± 0.5%~ ± , can use at the medium business accounting of costly medium; The electromagnetism flowmeter with inferior precision, its intrinsic error is 2.5%FS of ± 1.5%~ ± , can use at very not tall to measuring accuracy to ask place (if do not want metric business accounting, it is a purpose in order to control only, ask Gao Ke relies on gender and good repeatability place only) . Seek pinpoint accuracy overly, can create needless waste.

2. The caliber of velocity of flow, discharge

Requirements of electromagnetism flow transducer should come according to velocity of flow, discharge logical choice, be not must be the same as caliber with craft conduit. If general industry conduit carries the fluid with the not tall viscosity such as water, velocity of flow is designed commonly 1.5~3m/s is taken in economic shedding between. Electromagnetism flowmeter is used on such conduit, optional sensor caliber and tubal way are same.

The liquid velocity of flow when electromagnetism flowmeter spends discharge completely can be chosen inside 1~10m/s limits, upper limit velocity of flow is in to electromagnetism flowmeter the principle is absoluteness, but in be being used actually, liquid velocity of flow exceeds 7m/s rarely normally, those who exceed 10m/s is more infrequent. The floor level of velocity of flow that spends discharge completely is 1m/s commonly, if certain project runs on the low side of earlier velocity of flow, from measure accuracy to set out, appearance caliber should convert canaliculus diameter, with different diameter tubal join arrives on conduit.

The flow that is used at having the fluid such as dirty of easy conglutinate, deposit, knot is measured, should choose velocity of flow not under 2m/s, had better raise 3~4m/s above, rise in order to be on certain level to sweep conduit oneself, prevent the action of conglutinate deposit. When be being used at the fluid with big abrasion (wait like ore pulp, argil, milk of lime) , commonly used velocity of flow should not under 2m/s, in order to reduce pair of liner and electrode wear away.
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