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The type selecting that sewage discharge measures the flowmeter in the quantity
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Property of summary environmental protection is right of sewage discharge measure and demand of pilot accuracy, dependability is higher and higher already, the article introduced the type selecting design of a few kinds of flowmeter such as electromagnetism type, eddy market mood, reduce expenditure type, combine water treatment technology, from theory and practice two respects elaborate respective characteristic.

Thematic word flowmeter measures sewage type selecting

F.C.Kinghoro of a discharge expert of foreign ever had said, flowmeter is a few kinds a few use the agglutinant attrition action that compares production hardship, what still can arise to be not stabilized is vortical flow with 2 wait for complex flow phenomenon. Measuring instrument watch gets personally originally numerous element, be like: Size of conduit, caliber, appearance (circle, rectangular) , the content sex of attrib border condition, medium (temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, smudgy sex, caustic wait) , the flow condition of the fluid (turbulence condition, speed distributings etc) and mounting bar with the level. Face domestic and international ten kinds, the flow meter of about a hundred breed (develop the cubage type that rise, difference to press the type such as type of type, turbine type, area, electromagnetism type, ultrasonic type and hot type flowmeter early or late) , how according to discharge, shed the element such as requirement of voice, installation and ambient conditions, economy reasonable type selecting, it is the premise that uses good flow instrument and foundation. Besides appearance oneself quality should get assuring, of technical data offer and the installation of appearance, use, safeguard reasonable quite important also. The type selecting of a few kinds of flowmeter such as type of article introduction electromagnetism, eddy market mood, reduce expenditure type is designed.

1. Electromagnetism flowmeter type selecting is designed

Electromagnetism flowmeter from 20 centuries home of 50 time end first since industrial application, 779 time are flowing to in measuring a volume, be applied and develop very fast. The working principle of electromagnetism flowmeter is to be based on law of Faraday electromagnetism induction, be measured namely medium is perpendicular flow at direction of lines of force, flowing with medium consequently and one reaction electromotive force arises on the direction with perpendicular lines of force EX reaction electromotive force EX and discharge of the medium that be measured (velocity of flow) into direct ratio, electromagnetism flowmeter does not suffer the temperature, pressure, viscosity, effect that spends substandard bound element again, measure tubal interior not to have the pressure loss of systole or bulgy part, additional, discharge component detects the first signal that give, it is the voltage that an as average as the fluid velocity of flow changes into accurate linear, the other property of it and fluid has nothing to do, have very big advantage.
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