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The fundamental of ultrasonic flowmeter reachs a kind
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Ultrasonic carries the message of genteel form velocity of flow when the transmission in going from place to place fluid. Because this passes the ultrasonic that receives to be able to detect,give the velocity of flow of the fluid, thereby conversion becomes discharge. According to detected means, can divide the ultrasonic flowmeter that needs the different type such as standard of deflection method of law, Duopulefa, beam, noise and relevant law to transmit speed. Removing sound wave flowmeter is a kind when will nearly ten years develop ability quickly to begin to apply as integrated circuit technology

Be not contact appearance, comfortable the fluid that be contacted not easily at measuring and observes and bassoon runoff quantity. It and fluviograph linkage can undertake the discharge of current is measured opening wide. Use ultrasonic flow-rate ratio need not measure element reason to won't change the flow condition of the fluid in the installation in the fluid, do not produce additional resistance, the installation of appearance and overhaul all can not affect manufacturing cop to move is a kind of ideal consequently is energy-saving model flowmeter.

Well-known, current industrial flow measures widespread presence to wear bassoon diameter, large flow measures difficult question, because general flowmeter adds congress to bring the difficulty that make and carries as what measure tubal way,this is, cost rises, can caustic is increased, installation not only these defect, ultrasonic flowmeter all can avoid. Contact of the installation outside all can be in charge of because of flowmeter of of all kinds ultrasonic, blame is measured stream, appearance cost basically has nothing to do with size of caliber of the conduit that be measured, and the flowmeter of other type increases as caliber, cost raises substantially, the functional value that reason caliber exceeds big ultrasonic flowmeter to compare flowmeter of type of same function other is more superior than jumping over. Be considered as better bassoon diameter flow to measure meter, much general straps law ultrasonic flowmeter to be able to measure the flow of double photograph medium, reason can be used at sewer and blowdown water to wait smudgy flow measure. In power plant, measure hydraulic turbine to enter quantity of water of loop of water quantity, turbine to wait for bassoon runoff to measure with portable ultrasonic flowmeter, than the skin in the past the tachometer that take off a canal goes to the lavatory more. Supersonic also can be used at aerometry by discharge juice. The suitable scope that provides way arrives from 2cm 5m, from a few meters wide bright canal, culvert arrives the river with wide 500m applicably.

Additional, the discharge accuracy that supersonic measuring instrument expresses suffers the effect of the parameter such as temperature of the fluid that be measured, pressure, viscosity, density scarcely, can make blame contact and portable measuring instrument express again, what reason can solve place of other type appearance to be measured hard is strong caustic, non-conductive n gender, radioactivity and combustible explode easily the discharge of medium measures an issue. Additional, measure a characteristic in view of blame contact, match again with reasonable electronic line, an appearance can get used to a variety of canals diameter is measured and a variety of discharge limits are measured. The suiting of ultrasonic flowmeter also other appearance cannot compare ability. Ultrasonic flowmeter has afore-mentioned a few advantages accordingly it more and more take seriously and be changed to range of products, generalization develops, the standard type that already made different track now, high temperature, explosion proof, wet model appearance differs with suiting medium, the discharge of different situation and different conduit condition is measured.
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