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The classification of sprinkling irrigation shower nozzle

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Through systole nozzle or orifice will have the eject that press water to arrive in sky, form petty water to undertake irrigating sprinkler. Shower nozzle can be divided by actuating pressure discretion for high pressure (be more than 500kPa) , middling pressure (200 ~ 500kPa) and low pressure (be less than 200kPa) 3 kinds. By spray feature and configuration cent are mixed for stationary rotate type. Fixed sprinkler is divided again reach centrifugal form to refract type, crack form 3 kinds. This kind of shower nozzle does not have rotational component, the structure is simple, move reliable, actuating pressure is low, pulverization is good, but spray scope is little, sprinkling irrigation rain is strong tall, multi-purpose walking at conservatory, horticultural, nursery or outfit use on sprayed sprinkling irrigation machine. Rotating sprinkler is main by rotate sealed orgnaization, flow path and actuating device composition, divide again by means of drive sprinkler body for counteractive type, rocker type and impeller type 3 kinds. This kind of shower nozzle sprays radius is big, sprinkling irrigation intensity is low, spray the graph reachs sector for the circle, it is a kind of shower nozzle with the widest application.

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