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The expert teachs you centrifugal pump of choose and buy

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In festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day during what dedicated sincerely to together for you is gluttonous big eat. Besides roll out 2007 eventually 7 years summary casts special subject of summary of market of pump valve product and industry of valve of water industry pump 8 years besides special subject. Begin from today, the pump valve that we still will roll out weekly first phase ceremoniously is popular the product guides buy. Hope a series of our effort can be summed up end of the year to yours and choose and buy of the beginning of the year provides a help, for you the new project project of beginning of spring adds a brick to add tile!

Claver says less. The popular product of first phase is long-term for certain the centrifugal pump that holds head of a list of names posted up on product search seniority!

We listen to a few measure when the centrifugal pump of choose and buy that next experts suggest first:

The first pace: According to be being carried liquid property and operation condition decide type; is current, the centrifugal pump on the market basically can divide by property of liquid be feedinged it is the following kinds:

① water pump: With the clean liquid that is similar to water at carrying clear water and physics, chemistry.

② is anti-corrosive pump: Use at carrying acerbity, alkaline wait for caustic liquid.

③ oil pump: Use at carrying petroleum products

The 2nd pace: According to discharge (decide by manufacturing task commonly) the place in reaching computational pipeline needs pressure head, the model of affirmatory pump (choose from inside example or catalogue item)

① checks performance list or characteristic curve, requirement discharge and pressure head and pipeline place need to suit.

If ② produces midstream quantity to have fluctuant, search to allow to come with the largest flow, h also should be searched with value of correspondence of the largest flow.

③ is like H and Q and place need to not agree with, h and Q should search in model of in the vicinity of a bit more largish.

④ is like a few model to be satisfied, should choose to issue efficiency in operation condition best

⑤ is insurance, place choosing pump is OK and largish; Dan Retai is big, working place is nodded from highest efficiency too far, criterion energy uses rate low.

⑥ is like property of liquid be feedinged and standard fluid to differ bigger, the characteristic curve that should choose pump to place and parameter undertake corrective, look to whether can satisfy a requirement.

The 3rd pace: If be carried,liquid viscosity and density and water differ bigger when, should the characteristic parameter of business accounting pump: Discharge, pressure head and axial power.

Knew the rule of centrifugal pump of high-quality goods of choose and buy, the makes the best of time to choose oneself to need namely centrifugal pump that you want to do now!

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